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Application Status from Company Registration System as of September 28, 2020.

The Company Registration System (CRS) is the full automation and online pre-processing of corporations and partnerships, licensing of foreign corporations, amendments of the articles of incorporation and other corporate applications requiring SEC approval.

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The CRS special features are as follows:

  • Online Verification of Company Name
  • Online Appeal for Disallowed Proposed Name
  • Online Fill-out of Articles of Incorporation (AI) and By-laws (BL);
  • With Built-in Validation in the Pre-form and In-form Data Encoding;
  • Online Submission thru Uploading of Documents for Internal Processing/Evaluation;
  • Online Issuance of Deficiencies on Submitted/Uploaded Application;
  • Online Assessment of Filing Fees;
  • Online Payment of Fees.

List of authorized LandBank branches to accept over-the-counter payments for SEC Online Collections:

  1. EDSA Greenhills
  2. Araneta E.O.
  3. YMCA
  4. DOTC
  5. Ortigas E.O.
  6. Muntinlupa
  7. North Avenue

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Procedures for Online Company Registration


  • CREATE AN ACCOUNT. Click Sign Up and enter the information required: Basic Information, Address, Contact Details, TIN, and Company Information.
  • Provide a valid e-mail address, which you will use to log in to your account, and to which all communications in relation to your registration will be sent.

Check your e–mail and click on the link provided to activate and log in to your account.


SELECT APPLICATION TYPE. From a dropdown list, click on the service or type of application you wish to avail:

  • Primary Registration
  • Appeal
  • Amendment
  • Other Application



VERIFY NAME. From a dropdown list, select the type of company you wish to register: Stock Corporation, Non-Stock Corporation, Foreign Stock Corporation, Foreign Non-Stock Corporation, General Partnership, Limited Partnership, or Professional Partnership.

Make sure you choose the correct Company Type, as the dropdown list choices for the Company Classification, Industry Classification, Section, and Subclass are all dependent on your selection.

Enter the proposed company name. Please be guided by SEC Memorandum Circular  (MC)  No. 14, s. 2017, Consolidated Guidelines and Procedures on the Use of Corporate and Partnership Names.

Initially, the system will let you know whether the proposed name is still available for use or not. If the name is still available, enter the trade name/s, if preferred, then click Validate.

If the system confirms that the proposed trade name is still available, click Add.

Select which office will process your application: Main Office, Satellite Office, or Extension Office, then click Next.

Submit your application for further evaluation and final approval. You will then receive an e-mail notification of the proposed names’ approval or disapproval.

In case the proposed names were disapproved, you may now file your Appeal using the CRS.

Note: You must accomplish Steps 3 and 4 in four days, otherwise, your application will expire, and the reserved name may be used again by the public.


ADD COMPANY DETAILS. Fill up the following forms to generate your By-Laws (BL), Articles of Incorporation (AI) or Articles of Partnership (AP), and other company registration documents:

  • Pre-Form
    1. Company Information
    2. Company Address

Read the Registration Guidelines, the Re- strictions applicable to your application, and the list of documents to be submitted.

  • In-Form
  1. Company Classification
  2. Purpose Clause
  3. Term of Existence
  4. Capital Structure
  5. Number of Incorporators
  6. Profile of Incorporators
  7. Corporate Subscribers

Carefully review and confirm the company details you entered. A payment assessment will appear to inform you of the amount that you need to pay. Click Next then download, and print the system-generated AI or AP, and BL, then confirm your registration summary.


UPLOAD DOCUMENTS. Upload the unsigned system-generated AI or AP, and BL, together with the other requirements (i.e. Treasurer’s Affidavit, Cover Sheet, etc.).

Submit forms and wait for an e-mail notification of either the payment procedure or the list of documents for compliance.

If there are still requirements for compliance, remain at Step 5; and you will need to go back to Step 4. You cannot proceed to Step 6 unless all requirements are met.

Note: You must accomplish Steps 4 and 5 in thirty days, otherwise, your application will expire, and the reserved name may be used again by the public.


PAY THE ASSESSED FEES. Once the payment advise was received, print the Order of Payment attached in the e-mail (except when paying online through the Landbank ePayment). Log in to your CRS account, choose a payment method and pay the corresponding fees and charges at any of the following:

  • Landbank ePayment
  • Landbank on Collection
  • SEC Cashier/Over the Counter
  • Point of Sales (POS)

Be guided by SEC MC No. 3, s. 2017, Consolidated Schedule of Fees and Charges.




UPLOAD PROOF OF PAYMENT. After payment, upload the official receipt/proof of payment, with the signed and notarized AI or AP, BL, and other documentary requirements. Wait for an e-mail notification of when the original documents should be submitted.

If there are still documents you will need to submit for compliance, you will also be notified. Submit the documents needed and wait for an e-mail notification of when you can submit the original documents.




SUBMIT THE ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS.  Once you received the email notification advising you to submit the original signed and notarized AI or AP, BL, and other documentary requirements, proceed to the Company Registration and Monitoring Department, G/F Secretariat Bldg., PICC Complex, Pasay City or the Extension Office you selected in Step 3.



CLAIM THE CERTIFICATE OF REGISTRATION.  After further review and approval, you may claim the Certificate of Incorporation with the other submitted documents; and the Unified Registration Records (URR), bearing the Employer’s Registration Numbers issued by the SSS, Pag-IBIG, and PhilHealth, and the company TIN issued by the BIR.